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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Michelle Obama and Limbaugh's use of 'Uppityism' | theGrio

As more Afro Americans and other minorities move to the front stage of life, the mentally strained inheritors like Limbaugh shall increase the Propaganda to curtail those achievements. The sons of the confederates will stop at nothing to retain what it sees as an Entitlement by Birth. Just as the Nazis and many European societies saw the Jewish rise in prominence as cause for Europe's economic downfall, their brethren in the Americas continues such claims of other being the reason for their failures.

The paradox of Limbaugh name being of Nordic Germanic decent only reverberates the reality that the mission to eradicate the Viral infection failed. The descendants of those who fought the good fight fail to realize one must remain vigilant as the Sons Satan continues their quest for global dominance and will continue to gnaw at your heels until that ideology consume your very existences. 

There are certain Windows In Time in which the refractive aspect of Life's prism are seen by the Many.  The Polymorphic nature of Life though classification, composition, inheritance, access modifiers and methods are complicated through lack of knowledge. It's time to admit this fact especially Afro Americans since the Knowledge is the Key to any species Existence.

Limbaugh: Michelle Obama booed by NASCAR crowd for 'uppityism' | theGrio