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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Healing starts with '12 Years a Slave' - San Jose Mercury News

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Healing starts with '12 Years a Slave' - San Jose Mercury News

Mr. Pitts, I believe African Americans trepidation is derived from being
feed up with Hollywood. A slave, pimp, prostitute, murderer or dead is the only
time Hollywood recognize Americans of African descent.

To rephrase your mythic perspective, Americans of European descent prefers
mythic conceptions of what they truly are, Pretentiously Evil. Although, this
is not indicative of all, it's the flip side of the same coin, the masses stand
by and let Evil do its dirt in the name of Justice and God.

On no, African American understand all too well without paying a cent to
Hollywood. With more than 150 years after emancipation and fifty plus years
after the civil rights bill, the reality of 12 years is played out daily, in
Real Time. The American Reality of Jordan Davis, Renisha McBride , Trayvon
Martin, Marissa Alexander , Sean Bell and Medgar Evers, is a constant and clear
indicator of the injustice and terror African Americans face daily.

I ask, why it is always the aggressor demanding the terrorized to seek
reconciliation? That great chimera is not "Race,” it’s the Evil that greed
do while rationalizing falsehoods to justify the Demons within.

African Americans have always sought the answers to why Europeans have such
hate for people of African Descent. The only way to stop a bully is to standup
and with absolute opposing force that clearly demonstrate humanity will no
longer accept such actions. Be a leader of self, stop asking, demand and be
ready though the acquisition of knowledge, skill and ability to stand in
defense of Humanity.