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Sunday, January 25, 2015

In States Like Colorado Childcare Facilities Go Without Inspections for Three Years, While Dog Care Centers Require Inspection Every Year

Colorado is one of five states that allow childcare providers to go three years without inspection, while Dogs Daycare require Inspections Every Year .

One has to ask, what happened to Human value? Countries like the US and other Wealthy Nations  have relegated "through their actions" the value of Children as lessor value than  Dogs. Women especially are overwhelmingly choosing a future with animals as more preferable to children.

Humanity, especially Afro diaspora cannot survive by emulating euro centric actions that are clearly rooted in a people who have reached the pinnacle of material wealth. The Afro community must take action to teach young women and men the value of and the means to grow a prosperous family.

The greatest value in any nation is derived from family, not it's material wealth. That family ultimately develop the knowledge, skills and ability to achieve what is termed Human Capital which essentially the family enables it to obtain said material wealth.

Children is the key and any mindset that negates humanities ability to develop and build family is fundamentally doomed through policies that inherently focuses of the one absent procreation.