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Friday, June 19, 2015

'Things Fall Apart': On Mother Emanuel and White Terrorism - The Root

'Things Fall Apart': On Mother Emanuel and White Terrorism


Below is an excerpt from an article by  from The Root, which details the continued Threat of being Afro American, the mindset of those that Perpetrate and Defend such Acts, Media Propaganda and State Supported Terrorism  as well as the end result if left unresolved.
"On the run and armed, the threat Roof posed wasn’t ‘perceived,’ as is the excuse typically given when innocent and unarmed black people are gunned down around the country by thugs with badges-- or men whose whiteness grants them the same freedom and authority to kill with impunity.
As usual, killing while white affords you protection and the presumption of innocence, while existing while black gets you killed.
True to form, a mainstream media complex crafted to perpetuate white supremacy has quoted family members describing Roof as quiet and soft spoken and his sadistic smile has been described by media as baby-faced.” Just as insulting, Republican Governor Nikki Haley pulled out her best version of white tears as she led law enforcement on a victory lap for capturing the racist killer.
She insisted that we should “lift” them up -- a very calculated political statement  ...  unhinged law enforcement officers who stay trigger-happy in the presence of African American people -- but she failed to mention that we should also “lift up” the victims of racial terrorism in her state. Instead, she gave an “All Lives Matter” speech, waxing poetic about the “heart and soul of South Carolina [being] broken.”
Let’s be clear: Haley’s commitment to flying a flag drenched in the blood, sweat and tears of enslaved Africans, and her stance that state hate crime legislation is not needed, proves that she doesn’t give a damn about the souls of black folks. To paraphrase Audre Lorde, her guilt does not serve us and she’s better off saving her tears for someone else, possibly the hypocritical white Christians who screamed #IAmCharlie in support of Islamophobic free speech, but have yet to declare #IAmCharleston...
This is a nation that systematically de-arms African Americans, while fighting disproportionately for the Second Amendment rights of white Americans, leaving our communities vulnerable to these kinds of white terrorist attacks. In 1840, reports the Telegraph, the North Carolina Supreme Court passed a statute in that said: "If any free negro, mulatto, or free person of color shall wear or carry about his or her person, or keep in his or her house, any shotgun, musket, rifle, pistol, sword, dagger or bowie-knife… he or she shall be guilty…and indicted therefore." This goes hand-in-hand with the Mulford Act, known as the Panther Bill, of 1967, which was approved so that African Americans would not be able to defend their communities.

... There are Dylann Storm Roofs all across the country and the atrocities that occurred in South Carolina could have happened at any black church in this country. Our safety is an illusion and even our most sacred spaces are exposed to the venom of those who hate us.
The days ahead will be rife with political dodgeball debates on racism, gun control, white supremacy and the continued and pervasive dehumanization of black lives. Today, though, we mourn and we rage. We brace ourselves for that inevitable moment when it happens again.
Because this is America.
The infestation of racism will continue to gnaw relentlessly at this country’s foundation -- unnoticed by those not living within its margins and crevices -- until things fall apart and it all comes down" - The Root

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