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Friday, June 26, 2015

Writer Roxane Gay: Why I Can't Forgive Dylann Roof : NPR

Writer Roxane Gay: Why I Can't Forgive Dylann Roof

Considering the history and racist attitude of this nation. Most will proclaim but never understand nor care what it means to be forced in always forgiving the misdeeds of a privilege class while watching the assassination of fellow African Americans without legal recourse.

Native Americans coined the phrase Forked Tongue to define the Jekyll and Hyde mentality of White Privilege for a reason. You have the Jekyll side that seek to Annihilate People of Color and Hyde arrives as the savior with treaties while standing idly, watching and benefiting from the evil acts of their fellow Privileged Citizens. Sure, some will say this is not indicative of all, yet the end results clearly illustrate that after 150 years, the majority actions speaks.

The propaganda media being the mouth piece of the privilege immediately moves to justify the criminal acts of Jekyll while proclaiming the need to move on and forget the carnage and sadistic nature of its brethren. If Afro America continues to forget these actions it shall continue until their existence is emaciated like Native Americans. Today, due to genocide and assimilation, more in the privilege class are identified as natives for government subsidies while denying benefits to the actual Native Americans.

We don’t see the privileged media pushing to forgive the so called Islamic Terrorist. You have to ask, why States that Fly the Confederate Flag are not designated as State Sponsor of Terrorism, and those who support such acts not on the Domestic Terrorist List. The Confederacy declared War and attacked the United States and the terrorist attacks continue today.
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