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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Injustice, Racial disparities, Eight charts illustrating how it’s stacked against Blacks and a Few Ideas on How to Adapt and Overcome

It must be said, lots of Afro and Latino Americans are in denial about the level of incarcerated brothers and sisters.  Its time to wake-up to the reality of the last 50 years, climb out that hole of denial and begin to realize your level of separation in knowing of an immediate or distant incarcerated relative.

Its time to rebuild and strengthen the family foundation. Understand; within the framework of America the system is stacked against people of color. A Paradigm Shift in thinking is required to reverse the downward spiral in order to achieve a self sustaining society independent of the euro-American crutch.
  1. Teach Accountability and Professionalism
  2. Failure is not an Option,
    • Enough with the we cannot change Everyone song
      • A 90% success rate is better than 40. 
      • What would you prefer? High rates of Success or Failure
      • Clearly no one is perfect, ITS ABOUT PERCENTAGES OF SUCCESS
    • Its not about what the Child wants, It's about what s/he needs
    • Although Failure is not an options, Setbacks will occur, see item 3
    • Treat Setbacks as a Lesson Learned 
    • Create a After Action plan to address the setback 
  3. If a child fails, so have the Parents
  4. Parents are accountable for their Child's Success from Birth until Flight
  5. The more Parents fail at achieving their child success the more society suffers 
Understand, a Child must learn Accountability and Professionalism  in order to be truly accountable professional. From Birth to Flight, it must be instilled within a Child mindset, s/he must achieve true independence.

Most ask, what is success?
  1. Success is true independence, the ability to sustain self and family
  2. Ability to be creative and innovative
  3. All are given the ability to create life, the ability to sustain and grow life require knowledge, skill and ability    
Let's No longer focus on What Can't but What Can be Achieved. With a higher rates of Success, these Stats will be a thing of the Past.

Eight Charts That Show How the Justice System Is Stacked Against Black Americans

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