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Thursday, September 24, 2015

After A Traffic Stop, Teen Was 'Almost Another Dead Black Male'

This is every parent of an Afro American fear. Will their child be yet another victim of Police violating their authority under the Color of Law? People of color, especially Afro Americans have suffered terrorism by those acting under the Color of Law for centuries. The actions of these cops clearly illustrates no concern of consequences for their actions.

A mothers reaction:
"All she remembers from the moment she saw Landau, she says, "is involuntarily screaming."
Alex Landau after an incident with Denver police in 2009.
One has to ask, where is the Justice? 
"Two of the police officers involved have since been fired for uses of excessive force not related to this incident.
America tells the world its fighting a war of terrorism while its citizens suffers from domestic terrorism. For centuries Afro Americans have suffer systemic egregious acts of injustice at the hand of the state. Its standard form for a public officials to stand before the public and give praise to those who's commit these acts of terrorism against citizens of color.

Get Up, Stand up, Don't Give Up the Fight, Stand Up for Your Rights. The Devil has no Sympathy, He Thrives on Fear, Separation and Feelings of Despair. Stand Up, Deny Him of his Pleasures.

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