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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Luther Campbell promotes the benefits of Unity and Political Engagement within African-American communities

Former Rapper Luther Campbell Wants Black People to 'Stop Hating on Each Other'

Excerpts from the interview, a must read:
TR: How do we stop it?
LC: How do we stop it? I mean black people, basically, we just got to stop hating on each other. I mean we are a very separate and segregated race of people. We have so many issues within our race that we don’t want to admit. We don’t want to talk about our issues. We’re waiting for the white knight to come and save us.
... One thing [President Barack] Obama did do is get everybody to get their voter-registration card.
 ...the real popular thing to do is to vote locally, but these people are so boring that the average young person doesn’t want to. So the bottom line is, I ran. …established a base of over 30,000 voters, and now I’m taking those 30,000 voters,… then endorsing somebody.  …a kid that came up in my [youth football Liberty City Warriors] program, Keon Hardemon, fresh out of college, 29 years old. …runs for office in my neighborhood, Overtown, Liberty City, and I say, “Hey, look, support him against the machine.” He beats the machine, double digits.
I have people on the school board that I’ve supported. Right now, in next year’s race, I will be supporting one of the candidates for mayor, and I’ll be supporting one of the candidates for Congress in those areas; and those people, I am going to have to sit down with them and say, “These are the issues.” - The Root
AfrocatioN ™  Knowledge Is Key ®