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Monday, May 30, 2016

Brookshire Bothers Refuse to Support Families Devastated Texas Floods, HEB to the Rescue

The Brookshire Brothers DO NOT HELP in devastating times! – African American News

Brookshire Bothers refuse to support families devastated by the recent Texas Floods.  HEB to the Rescue, "Armando Perez, VP of Houston Division of H-E-B got the approval within minutes". This enforces the need for businesses employing people of and for the community.  Clearly Mr. Perezof HEB is a member of the minority community and understands the need.

Its double edge sword, African American communities need for supermarkets "a service clearly provided Brookshire Bothers" and Brookshire Bothers profit motive. This is the context of  Brookshire and other business relationship with the African American communities across the country that many must understand. The African American communities need for food stores and those stores profit motive.

This makes the case for African American communities to learn the business of self sufficiency mean African Americans must learn to build and grow businesses. Start by grooming childern within the community to be business smart by not becoming life long workers but working to learn the business to be business owners. From K-12 African American Students must be taught to go out among the world to understand how it built to become builders, growers of great African American communities.

Partner with non-profits in which children are for example are able to work at hospitals, doctor offices, dental, Aerospace, tech companies, lawyers, manufacturing etc...

AfrocatioN ™  Knowledge Is Key ®