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Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Deplorables

The Truth Hurts when those Hiding Behind It are Held Accountable. Selfishness void of Accountability is a Plague that propagates and commits Genocide throughout humanity and persists for generations. The infected are hungry for flesh like Zombies aka Zs spreading across the planet, killing and enslaving millions. A Nations defense is Knowledge among the masses. It inoculates the Mind to build a defense against the disease and ultimately a foundation of a united society working as one for the greater good of humanity.

Humanity must remember throughout time the Power Elite have utilized the Z epidemic to bring down nations. To assassinate leaders and citizens who dare to think differently. They've instituted programs of Z infections to suppress thought through Institutionalized Class Inheritance and visual separation schemes. Once infected decisions are no longer yours, people begin to commits mindless acts of self and societal destruction that if not stop shall consume the world and brig about its ultimate destruction ®AfrocatioN

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AfrocatioN ™  Knowledge Is Key ®