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Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Coretta Scott King’s letter, Senate’s Rule 19 and contentious debates over slavery

In the end Actions Speaks Volumes and its clear Rumps nominations are a direct assault on African Americans. The Confederacy continue to fester in this country like a cancer spreading slowly and methodically eating at the heart of its greatness, People and Knowledge while scapegoating immigrants so no one would be the wiser as to whom to blame for America's downfall. Just a Germany turned to Fascism to justify its downfall the pendulum swings to the border of the 20th century Nazi safe haven.

Gag Rule Explained

The Senate’s Rule 19 grew out of the early contentious debates over slavery. (Ironic, how everything always goes back to race, huh?)
Here’s Jonathan Chait at New York Magazine:
In 1836, at the behest of slave interests in the South, Congress created a rule prohibiting any debate over slavery in either House. The putative rationale for the rule was that Congress had no authority over slavery, therefore the issue was irrelevant, and any petition addressing slavery would be immediately tabled. John Quincy Adams, a former president turned member of the House and anti-slavery activist, called this the “gag rule…”   
…Many historians of the 19th century believe the gag rule backfired against the South. It dramatized the undemocratic nature of the “Slave Power,” changed the subject from the merits of slavery to the merits of being allowed to debate slavery (thus broadening the opposing coalition), and ultimately created far more publicity for anti-slavery petitions. Mitch McConnell’s gag rule on Elizabeth Warren will likely have the same effect. Sessions has the votes for confirmation, but the grossness with which his colleagues have suppressed criticism of his record has given the opposition a platform, and a cause.
'Nevertheless, She Persisted.' One Heck of a Resist Trump Tuesday - San Diego Free Press
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