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Thursday, June 18, 2015

"The Code." Neely Fuller Jr., If You Don't Understand Supremacy, What It Is, How It Works, Everything Else You Understand Will Only Confuse You

Saigon Answer | Neely Fuller - Do not Be Sorry

"The Code." Neely Fuller Jr.
"If you do not understand White Supremacy (Racism)-what it is, and how it works-everything else that you understand will only confuse you". Neely Fuller Jr.
Neely Fuller - Smiling Backstabbers | Behind Evil Smiles

Neely Fuller - Don't Be Sorry | It isn't a verb, don't expect it to fix things for you

AfrocatioN ™  Knowledge Is Key ®

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Reality Steps In and Snaps Us Back Into the Present, America’s Freedom Fantasy

Afro America, Here's what Euro America Think of You. Although this is not indicative of the whole, its the prevailing though thus is the bases of legal policy across the nation. Its a Pathological Systemic process utilized by the so called ruling class  to maintain dominion over others. 

If those considered outside the ruling class attempt to resist, they are immediately attacked, demonized and murdered as we've seen played out in the pool video and across the nation in as many days.

When is enough enough for Afro America, When will Afro America begin to stand up and Fight for What's Right. Afro American have fought in a many Wars around the world in the name of so called American Freedom, only to return home to face in human treatment. Afro Americans get more time in jail for mistreatment of dogs than a Cop get for Killing a 12 year old Kid.

Texas Elementary School Teacher on McKinney Pool Party: 'I'm Almost to the Point' of Wanting Segregation - The Root

McKinney Resident: Cop 'Deserves a Medal' for Pulling Gun on Black Kids at Pool Party - The Root

Woman who Attacked Teens at the McKinney Pool is Placed On Administrative Leave by Employer

McKinney Texas Teen Dajerria Becton Slammed by Officer Speaks Out and Says the Officer Getting Fired Is Not Enough - The Root 
He grabbed me, twisted my arm on my back and shoved me in the grass and started pulling the back of my braids,” ... “I was telling him to get off me because my back was hurting bad,” Dajerria said. Casebolt can be seen climbing on top of Dajerria’s back using both of his knees, even after Dajerria was handcuffed and lying facedown on the ground.

Kalief Browder Took His Own Life, but the System Murdered Him
"For three years, Browder sat behind bars in one of the toughest detention centers in America refusing to crack. He didn't take the book bag, and he wasn't copping to it. His parents couldn't afford the $10,000 bail to get him out, so for three years he waited for his day in court—and it never came. While in jail, Browder would be abused by guards, tormented by gangs and spend some 400 days in solitary confinement, and then, one day, without a trial, he was set free.
Broward Shooting: Photo Raises Doubts About Police Story of another Afro American Murdered by Police 
"newly emerged photo that shows headphones in McBean's ears immediately after the 2013 shooting raises questions about the police version of events, including why the white earbuds were later found stuffed in the dead computer expert's pocket.
And another aspect of the police account is also being contradicted — by a man who called 911 in alarm when he saw McBean walking around with the air rifle but who also says McBean never pointed it at police or anyone else.
Michael Russell McCarthy, 58, told NBC News that McBean had the Winchester Model 1000 Air Rifle balanced on his shoulders behind his neck, with his hand over both ends, and was turning around to face police when one officer began shooting.
"He [McBean] couldn't have fired that gun from the position he was in. There was no possible way of firing it and at the same time hitting something," McCarthy said. "I kind of blame myself, because if I hadn't called it might not have happened."

AfrocatioN ™  Knowledge Is Key ®

Friday, June 05, 2015

The Fox News Fear Factory - Propoganda Straight from the Joseph Goebbels Playbook

How Roger Ailes Built the Fox News Fear Factory | Rolling Stone

Ailes Fox News is patterned directly from Joseph Goebbels propaganda strategy and the Citizens' Councils, who created it's own false news propaganda. Goebbels mission like Ailes is to censor all opposition to Hitler and present the chancellor and the Nazi Party aka Tea Party in the most positive light while stirring up hatred. His control of the propaganda stretched over all media of the time—newspapers, radio, films, films, theater, literature, music and the arts—and like Ailes, he became a figure to be feared. Compare and contrast to today's Fox News and its parent company New Corp.

Fox News through the use of innuendo is constantly promoting and advocating in support of Police killings and the systematic denial of Voting Rights and the constructs of mega for profit slavery farms calls Prisons. This is a major issue if it's allowed to continue unchallenged and void of accountability...

The Article is a good read and for those versed in Political Science and just plain common knowledge, will find it quite interesting for which we at AfrocatioN warned for years as a threat to Afro, Asian and Latin American democracy in these United States..

AfrocatioN ™  Knowledge Is Key ®