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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Understand the Dire State US Education (PIAAC) International Assessment for Adult Competencies - What is PIAAC?

Program for the International Assessment for Adult Competencies (PIAAC) - What is PIAAC?
Find out how the skills of U.S. adults compare with those of adults in other countries, and how skills vary within three important groups in the U.S. population: the unemployed, young adults, and older adults.

Understand the Dire State of US Education and Cognitive Competencies compared to other international nations

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Cable Companies Data Caps Punish Cord Cutters, Its Anti Choice and Its time the FCC Consider Competitive Implications

Data Caps imposed by Cable Ccompanies is ment to Punish the growig number Cord Cutters who realize Cable TV just keeps getting worse, highly overpriced, Anti Competitive and Over the Air (OTA) HD TV is better.

The Anti-Competitive Cable and Phone companies who also control access to Broadband in concert with Congress are seeking to force those who has cut the cable TV cord and anyone that plan too in the future to purchase a they do not want by imposing high internet usage prices. It's like Texas Toll roads, the State is in your pocket at every turn.

Take a stand,

  1. Purchase and Install a High Definition TV Antenna to get Free OTA TV
  2. Purchase or Build a media server that records TV 
  3. File an FCC Complaint 
  4. Raise your Voice, Contact you Congressman 

With Data Caps on the Rise, the FCC Must Consider Competitive Implications - Public Knowledge
Comcast Wants to Limit Your Netflix Binges

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Independent Lens: Democrats | Season 4 | Independent Lens | World Channel

Democrats Full Film | Video | Independent Lens | PBS
Following a bitter war of liberation, Robert Mugabe became president of Zimbabwe. Under his leadership, the country made educational and economic progress until he evolved into a more dictatorial leader as opponents were put down and civil rights restricted. In 1999, in light of rising demands for reform, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), rose up to challenge Mugabe and his ZANU-PF party. After a decade, the two parties formed a coalition government.

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Life Expectancy Drops For White Women, Increases For Black Men : Shots - Health News : NPR

Life Expectancy Drops For White Women, Increases For Black Men

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CyberCorps: Scholarship for Service

CyberCorps: Scholarship for Service:

CyberCorps (R): Scholarship For Service (SFS) is a unique program designed to increase and strengthen the cadre of federal information assurance professionals that protect the government's critical information infrastructure. This program provides scholarships that may fully fund the typical costs incurred by full-time students while attending a participating institution, including tuition and education and related fees. Additionally, participants receive stipends of $22,500 for undergraduate students and $34,000 for graduate students. The scholarships are funded through grants awarded by the National Science Foundation. NSF

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Sunday, April 03, 2016

DARPA takes first step to develop technology that launches volleys of drones | Network World

DARPA takes first step to develop technology that launches volleys of drones
DARPA’s Gremlins program has as a goal to launch groups of drones from large aircraft such as bombers or transport planes, as well as from fighters and other small, fixed-wing platforms while those planes are out of range of adversary defenses. When the Gremlins complete their mission, a C-130 transport aircraft would retrieve them in the air and carry them home,
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MIT Media Lab defaults to free & open source software | Network World

MIT Media Lab defaults to free & open source software
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Government Policies Explain Income Gap Between Blacks And Whites In The United States - YouTube

Many have asked and a number of false assertions made as to why Afro Americans remain at the low end of the Economic scale. While the bell curve chimed, the Nations Government continued to enforce polices that prevented and deprived Afro American of economic growth.

The following illustrate Causality and Malicious intent of Federal and State Governments to deny access and prevent economic growth of Afro Americans while promoting disparaging propaganda against Afro Americans ability to achieve economic independence..

Racist Government Policies Explain Income Gap Between Blacks And Whites In The United States
In 1947, when Levittown was first opened, homes were sold to white, working-class families for about $8,000 apiece. That is about $125,000 today. African-Americans were prohibited from buying into those developments, even though they had the economic means to do so.
Well, a half-century later, those homes are now selling for $500,000. They are no longer accessible for working-class families. We passed a law in 1968 saying that African-Americans now have the right to buy into Levittown. But giving them a right to buy into a place that's no longer affordable when they could have bought into it when it was affordable had they been permitted to do so is not a very meaningful right. In that half-century, the white families, working-class families who moved into Levittown gained equity appreciation of perhaps 350-400,000 dollars They used that wealth to send their children to college. They bequeathed it to their children and grandchildren.
Since the 1980's AfrocatioN has advocated against Afro Americans buying over priced used homes. Until today people of color continue to chase White flight, a  never ending cycle of Afro American funding White American housing wealth while investing in diminishing returns. Realtors and government polices advised whites to cash in and move out because blacks would cause property values to drop.

AfrocatioN economic model is to conduct economic analysis to determine future growth and be there before or when economic growth arrives.

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