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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mobile Technology Issues = Need for Net Neutrality | Federal Trade Commission

This is why a United People i.e. Government is important Net Neutrality . Could you as an individual muster the resources to fight via litigation the multitude of Billion Dollar Corporations seeking to steal your hard earned salary?

Mobile Technology Issues

Below is a list of cases the FTC took up in 2016 against Zero Corps. It's time to add Net Neutrality to the list.

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Saturday, May 06, 2017

Welcome to the Confederate States of America - Southern Philosophy Reign Supreme

The Confederacy has won, the Untied States remains as a small pockets among the divided. The growth of viral Southern Philosophy, "illustrated in red" now dominates the nation, draining it of vital intellectual resources. The Union "illustrated in blue" is all that remains of a once mighty nation. The seat of intellect, wealth distribution and the piggy bank for the south is in decline. All that remains are pockets of disillusioned men in skirts and pants wearing women seeking revenge for sleeping with the enemy. While people of color struggle to seek refuge in a war blinded by promises of freedom, betrayal and selfish greed. Welcome to the Confederacy were the battle for Freedom, Cost of Growth and burden of sacrifice are no longer shared and being United is just a big pipe dream.

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