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Monday, October 01, 2007

Technology Insight - Computer Security

Computer Security

This technology Insight looks into the world of computer security. According to a poll by McAfee Inc and the National Cyber Security Alliance, 94% of computers have Spyware and Anti-virus software installed but less than 55% are actually updated.

The problem with the entire Anti-virus and Spyware industry is that most comsumers have no idea how to respond to the various choices in the form of prompts and pop-ups offered by the protection software. In most cases the consumer is bombarded with question about the state of their computer and many just click yes because they have not idea of the correct answer.

Obviously; the root of the problem is the design of most operating systems (OS) i.e. Windows, with its business model of one size fits all In critical situations decisions have to be made and with the level of identity theft at critical mass, now is the time to make real decisions.

What's needed is an Operating "OS" and Protection "Anti-virus/Firewall" environment that understands what it means to lock down a system and only prompt a user for issues that goes beyond the lock down state. Secondly; both the OS and protection software must not only prompt the user but also train the end user of the meaning of protectiong the system.

Until then Afrocation along with SciNeXT is providing the technology Insight to keep consumer informed of the ever increasing threats in the Interconnected Cyber world.

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