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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Young Innovators Bringing Diaspora 'Face2Face' with Africa

 Africa is the future for aspiring and innovative entrepreneurs from the Afro diaspora.
Africa is seen as the new economic and electronic frontier, the Congo along has enough hydro energy to power the entire continent.
"The enterprising duo, along with their team of dedicated staffers, not only have a vision for rebranding the negative perceptions of Africa—of which they became all too familiar with as youth criticized and taunted—but one that will connect two communities that have historically been at odds. Highlighting stories of triumph, expansion, ingenuity and unity, Appiah and Boateng, both natives of Ghana, are spearheading a dynamic and much-needed shift toward positive coverage of the continent and leading a diasporic movement to reconnect with it—one story at a time."  - Black Enterprise
Young Innovators Bringing Diaspora 'Face2Face' with Africa