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Thursday, June 06, 2013

The Split Between the States -

For your Health, in this segment we review the split between States and its effect on the Heath care in the America in particularly Afro American and minority Health. Since large numbers of minorities are considered low income and dependent on state funded Health care, " a trend AfrocatioN is working to reverse" this split between states just as in the past will affect those citizens. It is imperative that those citizens take note of current plans and take a stand, It For The Future.
"In February, more than 130,000 Minnesota residents who lack health insurance became eligible for coverage when the state expanded its Medicaid program under the health care reform law. That will save the state $129 million in the first two years alone. 

Wisconsin, however, has chosen to take the path of indifference. On Tuesday, the Republicans who control the State Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee voted to reject the expansion of Medicaid, even though it would have covered 85,000 people at less cost to the state." -

The Split Between the States -