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Sunday, August 24, 2014

OpenDolphin and JavaFX



OpenDolphin is a slim open-source library that implements the highest degree of model-view-controller separation.
Views and controllers compile independently and communicate solely through
OpenDolphin's shared presentation models.

This strict separation allows controlling the application logic on an enterprise server
while the views display the application state on a remote client machine with all the
capabilities of a desktop application.

Canoo initiated the Dolphin project since we had recognized that many of our customers share a common quest:

Keeping the application logic on the server but presenting it with all the capabilities of the client device.

Dolphin is a remoting solution that bridges the world of Enterprise Java and Desktop Java.
Unlike most REST approaches, it doesn't confine the server to be a data source only.

Instead, with Dolphin your server-side business logic controls a shared presentation model.
The client displays the Dolphin state in all its beauty.

The figure below shows how client and server connect via Dolphin's shared presentation model
followed by some introductory slides on the topic.
In terms of Model-View-Controller (MVC) one can see in the figure above that Dolphin puts the
View responsibility on the client but leaves the controlling logic on the server.
The model (here in the sense of a presentation model, not a domain model) is shared.
This is shown in even more detail below.