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Friday, September 19, 2014

Skin Bleaching, Self-Hatred, and “Colonial Mentality” | Dr. Yaba Blay

Skin Bleaching, Self-Hatred, and “Colonial Mentality” | Dr. Yaba Blay

If one doesn't him or herself, neither will anyone else. Note the following form DR Yaba article.

...if the media indeed understands the colonial mentality, then they should
understand the power of dominant imagery to affect the consciousness of
the society. In the same way that the colonial order projected images
of Europeans and advertisements for European commodities in an effort to
construct and further validate a superior White identity, it appears
that in the press’s continual projection of European (read: White)
beauty ideals, that they too continue this legacy of White supremacy.
Yet it is skin bleachers who suffer from “colonial mentalities?”
Instead of asking women why they bleach, why aren’t we asking men why
they “prefer light skinned women?” Or why they feel emboldened to make
public statements about their preferences. - Dr. Yaba Blay

The following Punks and their ignorant cohorts of the Hip Hop Media Industry are a threat to the future of Afro Society. Every notice Rapper spend most of their time talking out the side of the necks about how though they are yet, at the same time running from the cops. The vast Majority speak to mindset of self destruction towards Afro Americans while instead of standing up, running from the man.

Women Attitude towards themselves reflect this cycle of the children they bare and ultimately the Punks they raise.
 Knowledge Is Key - Stop Supporting Those and Entities that Mocks the Most Valuable Entity In Your Life, Your Mother. Use your money and efforts to help yourself and your people, not a Self Destructive  Industry.