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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Underpaid Employees Are a Cybersecurity Risk - Businessweek

Underpaid Employees Are a Cybersecurity Risk - Businessweek

Apparently someone turned the light bulb  at the FBI. It finally put corporations on notice in how they risk cyber attacked based on an employees lack of economic prosperity. This is Defense Department Threat Assessment 101, the economic quality of your employee defines the corporation vulnerability.
The FBI recommends companies take additional security precautions such as changing their passwords more often. There may be a simpler way: Pay employees more to keep them from becoming disgruntled in the first place.

The difference now is that companies are more vulnerable to technology. The FBI reports an increase in investigations related to disgruntled current and former employees who destroy data or steal customer information and proprietary software. Some use the data to gain a competitive edge in their next job. There are even cases of former employees attempting to extort money by holding company websites hostage.  - Businessweek
 The continued degradation of the nation education standings ultimately affects the workforce ability to place demands on employers thus resulting in low esteem and disgruntled employees who resorts to committing criminal acts towards a corporation. teh current tech environment provide increased opportunity to use cyber vulnerabilities against their employer.

Underpaid Employees Are a Cybersecurity Risk