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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Fred Jones - Inventor of the Refrigerated Truck, Movie Soundtrack and owner of Thermo King

Love the ice cream truck? Thank inventor Fred Jones |
Jones invented the refrigerated semi-truck. Together, Jones and Numero started what’s now known as Thermo King—one of the biggest commercial fridge companies in the world.
Fred Jones took out 60 patents in his lifetime, 40 of them in refrigeration -- and he was self-taught.
Growing up, Jones figured out how to fix watches, then cars, and eventually made his way to Minnesota, where he invented a cheap way to synchronize sounds and pictures in movie theaters while working as a projectionist.
In addition to installing the Thermo King refrigeration units in trucks and tractor-trailers, Jones modified the original design so they could be outfitted for trains, boats and ships.During World War II, the Department of Defense found a great need portable refrigeration units for distributing food and blood plasma to troops in the field. The Department called upon Thermo King for a solution. Fred modified his device and soon had developed a prototype which would eventually allow airplanes to parachute these units down behind enemy lines to the waiting troops.

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