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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Where ideas come from in the modern workplace - The Future of Work

"... conceiving ideas is something workers can do as well at home as at work. But doing it this way doesn’t mean ideas can’t be swapped. Perhaps you could create a Google doc or have a Hangout to refine them. The more introverted team members could benefit hugely from brainstorming on their own and sharing things remotely. It means they don’t get that instant but maybe unconscious negative physical feedback from others – the eye-rolling or sighs that can push them right back into their shells. And everyone can do this in their own time (East or West coast), probably with better results. By working this way, whatever they need to do to come up with ideas – indulging in a bit of transcendental meditation, or consuming heroic quantities of coffee and muffins in the latest hipster eaterie – they can do that. To everyone’s benefit.
... it’s possible for people to run an entire company from countries separated by oceans and for them to maybe only meet in person once a year. It’s not just a flexible way of working it’s today’s way of working. And keeping everyone together – staffers and freelancers – up there in the Cloud means it’s also a friendly way of working."  - The Future of Work

Knowledge Is Key