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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Police, Mordern Day Nazi SA/SS, aka White Citizens' Councils: Boston Police Arrested Man for yelling Obscenities towards their actions (Video) |

For People of Color especially Afro Americans, Police in cities across the nation are tantamount to the Nazi's Storm Trooper, SS and Plantation Overseers. Giving the wealth of available evidence it's clear such practices are instituted and actively implemented across the nation. Just think, any plain cloth white man  can walk up an attack any citizen of color as illustrated in this video and Ferguson (Oath Keepers).

Like the SA, WCC and SSC, these individuals
  1. Proclaim they are an instrument of law,  
  2. Nullify the citizens constitutional rights by declaring them a Thug aka criminal and 
  3. Assassinate said Citizen if  s/he doesn't commit to his dominance aka servitude.
  4. The courts overwhelmingly doesn't convict such actions cause an Armed Bully proclaimed he feared for his life from the Unarmed Victim  

Like Ice Cube said, it's time for Afro American to arm themselves in defense of their life and constitutional rights. A xenophobic bully only understands opposing force.
SA (Sturmabteilung or Storm Troopers):
Also known as "Brown Shirts," they were the Nazi party's main instrument for undermining democracy and facilitating Adolf Hitler's rise to power. The SA was the predominant terrorizing arm of the Nazi party.
Citizens' Councils aka White Citizens' Councils
On July 11, 1954, the White Citizens Council, with Robert Patterson of Indianola as leader, was formed. Primarily made up of plantation owners, bankers, doctors, lawyers, legislators, preachers, teachers, and merchants, this organization sought to prevent the implementation of the Brown decision. Unlike the Ku Klux Klan, this organization "publicly" renounced the use of violence. Nevertheless, its actions often encouraged white violence against blacks. While there were occasions when members of the group employed violence, the Council's real success lay in its ability to levy economic reprisals on those who supported and actively pushed for desegregation. Indeed, the WCC was so successful that it was more than ten years after the Brown decision before any significant desegregation occurred in Mississippi. -
Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission
The Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission (Commission) was created by an act of the Mississippi legislature on March 29, 1956. The agency was established in the White Millsaps students marching in protest of death of JSU
student Ben Brownwake of the May 1954 Brown v. Board of Education ruling.
  1. The Commission's objective was to "do and perform any and all acts deemed necessary and proper to protect the sovereignty of the state of Mississippi, and her sister states . . ." from perceived "encroachment thereon by the Federal Government or any branch, department or agency thereof." To exercise this loosely defined objective, the Commission was granted extensive investigative powers. 
  2. The Commission compared itself to the FBI and the armed services intelligence agencies, "during times of war seeking out intelligence information about the enemy and what the enemy proposes to do."
  3. The Commission investigated individuals and organizations that challenged the racial status quo. Commission investigators toured the state and compiled reports on civil rights activities in the counties. They also responded to specific requests from local state officials and members of the public
  4. In 1960 the Commission voted a grant for $20,000 to the "Council Forum." From this point until December 1964, the Commission documented monthly grants to the Citizens' Council amounting to a total of $193,500.7 The Commission also participated in the national campaign to prevent the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act,
  5. In addition, the agency donated small amounts to African-American individuals and organizations sympathetic to segregation.
  6. ...In 1965, the Commission developed and promoted the Mississippi Negro Citizenship Association. Through this organization the Commission "launched a quiet campaign to encourage qualified Negroes to make applications to vote," hoping to outmaneuver the Council of Federated Organizations (COFO) by attracting those they termed the "thinking Negroes of Mississippi.

Boston police investigating after man arrested for yelling 'f--- the pigs' (Video)
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