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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Cable Companies Data Caps Punish Cord Cutters, Its Anti Choice and Its time the FCC Consider Competitive Implications

Data Caps imposed by Cable Ccompanies is ment to Punish the growig number Cord Cutters who realize Cable TV just keeps getting worse, highly overpriced, Anti Competitive and Over the Air (OTA) HD TV is better.

The Anti-Competitive Cable and Phone companies who also control access to Broadband in concert with Congress are seeking to force those who has cut the cable TV cord and anyone that plan too in the future to purchase a they do not want by imposing high internet usage prices. It's like Texas Toll roads, the State is in your pocket at every turn.

Take a stand,

  1. Purchase and Install a High Definition TV Antenna to get Free OTA TV
  2. Purchase or Build a media server that records TV 
  3. File an FCC Complaint 
  4. Raise your Voice, Contact you Congressman 

With Data Caps on the Rise, the FCC Must Consider Competitive Implications - Public Knowledge
Comcast Wants to Limit Your Netflix Binges

AfrocatioN ™  Knowledge Is Key ®