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Monday, May 30, 2016

White Doll, Black Doll. Which one is the nice doll?

White Doll, Black Doll. Which one is the nice doll?

Question: Who teaches Afro American and other Minority Kids to think White is betters? Is it the Parents or Society for which the children are derived?

The Humans mind is malleable at birth, shaped by life experiences.  Many refuse to accept life realities, choosing to repeat ill-fated habits passed down from a life of servitude. Around the globe, many choose to follow what's perceived as Rich while forgoing the richness within and building growth mentality.

People of color across the globe are dying their skin to look White, especially in Asia, which is tantamount to the African American Kids choosing the white doll.  African American are in-cased within a European Society while Skin Whitening nations are outside European Societies are influenced through Economics. For centuries African American men symbol of growth was marriage to women of European decent and black women preferred to marry offspring's of the lighter shade. Darker man and Women was frowned  upon and heavily mocked for not being a product of Salve maters abuse of African Women in slavery. This practice continues with the prevalence of Afro American women accessorizing themselves with blond Wigs and blue eye contact lens etc...

This behavior is taught to children and the Afro American society as a whole on a subconscious level as a habit of existence.

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