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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

OWASP Security Knowledge Framework - OWASP

OWASP Security Knowledge Framework

 The OWASP Security Knowledge Framework is an expert system web-application that uses the OWASP Application Security Verification Standard and other resources. It can be used to support developers in pre-development (security by design) as well as after code is released (OWASP ASVS Level 1-3).

Detect possible threats in your application

In pre-development detect possible threats based on the processing functions on your application.

Run OWASP ASVS Checklists

Harden your application functions in post-development by running OWASP ASVS checklists, complete with feedback and solutions.

Learn about threats and vulnerabilities in the SKF knowledge base

An extensive library of common hacks and exploits, learn the hacker mindset and keep your project secure.

Learn to code secure from best practice code examples

An extensive library of code examples for a wide range of functions, beautifully commented.

Project Online Demo

username: admin password: test-skf

Project website:

Video demo

AfrocatioN ™  Knowledge Is Key ®