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Saturday, September 20, 2014

American Experience: The State of Mississippi in 1964 - Today, America's Reality

American Experience: The State of Mississippi in 1964

Events from the past that reflects today's unjust reality. The only difference, its no longer geographical, these policies permeates and enacted all over the nation in many forms. Note how White Citizen Council parallels the Tea Party and Republicans claims in which their rights/freedom to enslave or deny the rights of other is under threat by the Federal Government. The same propaganda disseminated via the Media by the Tea Party, Republicans and powerful elites  to justify denying Afro and Latino Americans the Right to Vote and Live without Fear of Death for none compliance.

State Sovereignty Commission which funded White Citizen Council is equivalent to the organizations like the Gestapo created by Hitler. Like today's use of the Police Force to promote State Sponsored Terrorism and the State justice system to incarcerate that refuse to comply . Every attempt to deny School funding and voting are action propagated by today's city and state councils in which anyone that support the advancement of Afro Americans are boycotted.

History Channel Mississippi State Secrets, Citizen Council, aka Tes Party 2014. KKK.
  History Channel Mississippi State Secrets

 Mississippi Governor Says White Citizen Council is Good for Afro Americans