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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Holder a fighter who would not cower (Opinion) -

Holder a fighter who would not cower (Opinion) -

Let be said, let it be heard and be know, Eric Holder is the one of the bravest and greatest Attorney General in history.

A proud Afro American who stood against the Neo-Confederates century long quest to deny a people humanity.

"People should understand that there's steel here, and I am resolved to
oppose any attempts to try to roll back the clock," Holder told CNN's Jeffrey Toobin in an article for The New Yorker.
"I wouldn't walk away from that speech," Holder told ABC News.
"I think we are still a nation that is too afraid to confront racial
issues," rarely engaging "one another across the color line [to] talk
about racial issues."
... in 2013, Issa and Holder talked over each other, with
the attorney general concluding, "That is inappropriate and is too
consistent with the way in which you conduct yourself as a member of
Congress. It's unacceptable, and it's shameful."
In another
back-and-forth, Holder trash-talked Gohmert with lines that could have
been taken from a comedy routine. "You don't want to go there, buddy.
You don't want to go there, OK?" "Good luck with your asparagus" as Holder ended the conversation.
He pressed Credit Suisse, and the Swiss bank eventually paid over $2.6 billion
to settle claims it was illegally helping wealthy Americans avoid
paying taxes. Holder took the lead in pushing banks and other financial
companies involved in the mortgage crisis to pay $25 billion to federal and state governments, a record civil settlement.  -
Let is be know Fast an Furious was a failed policy put in action by the Bush administration. Just as the Iraq war and the Financial crisis.