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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

AfrocatioN Insight: US Air Force commander prevented a spy plane from crashing

As a former Aerospace expert, upon seeing the location of the damage, the following immediately came to mind.
"Investigators were unable to determine the fire’s ignition source but found that it was fanned by a faulty oxygen system that had been improperly serviced during the airplane’s last depot maintenance by L-3 Communications in Greenville, Texas.
The final report noted that L-3’s quality control failed to follow established procedures, and that L-3 installed used instead of new parts. Fleet-wide inspections are underway." - Business Insider
This event like many reminded me of a similar event in Japan. A C-9 wheel failed on landing due to a defense contractor supplying old instead of new parts. 
How a US Air Force aircraft commander prevented a spy plane with 27 people aboard from crashing
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