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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Ohio driver John Felton was tailed by police after making Direct Eye Contact with an officer. aka SS/SA

Strong Afro American Males are all too familiar with being marked as being out of one's place, targeted as a threat, denied promotion or fired because the others will realize they are humans worthy of respect.

I remembered being told in the Military, you have to much power. This was not due to the level of rank one held, their complaint was related to what's called informal power, better know as Respect. An Afro American that's independent and skilled is seen as one that rejects subjugation aka a Threat. We all know Rank is formally Given, conversely; Respect is Earned. The following statement is key as to why innocent Afro Americans are being Terrorized, Murdered, denied constitutional rights and subjugated across nation.
"You made direct eye contact with me and held onto it when I was passing you," the officer told Fenton.
To a dictator, Knowledgeable Humans and Independence are a threat to his rule. He sees their independence and ability to think as cause for the others to follow, seek and expect more. This mindset in institutionalized across the United States, it's a fact of life. Unfortunately, like one stricken with Stockholm Syndrome, a large number of Afro Americans unconsciously allow such policies to propagate.

Afro America, clearly it's time for a different approach, the enemy has infiltrated the ranks and compromised the old playbook. If Afro American continue this path, you'll be relics of museums like the brothers of  the Zulu Nation, Egypt, Angkor Wat, and the many spoken of in Ancient Texts.

This Black Driver's Mistake Was Looking a Police Officer in the Eye

Felton wanted to know, had the officer decided to follow him in the first place? That’s when the stop went from being an ordinary illustration of racial profiling to an extraordinary one."You made direct eye contact with me and held onto it when I was passing you," the officer told Fenton. The implication was that Fenton had marked himself as a suspicious character simply by looking at the officer.

During a eulogy, the Rev. Jamal Bryant to say the following to Gray’s mother:
" On April 12 at 8:39 in the morning, four officers on bicycles saw your son. And your son, in a subtlety of revolutionary stance, did something black men were trained to know not to do. He looked police in the eye. And when he looked the police in the eye, they knew that there was a threat, because they're used to black men with their head bowed down low, with their spirit broken. He was a threat simply because he was man enough to look somebody in authority in the eye. I want to tell this grieving mother ... you are not burying a boy, you are burying a grown man. He knew that one of the principles of being a man is looking somebody in the eye." - The Root

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